When the design is finished, the cloth is attached to bamboo perchs, then sprayed with water (for better absortion of the dye) and then dipped into the dye for 30 minutes. When the fabric first comes out, the color is light yellow. Within a few minutes it turns into a light blue.

the fabric needs to stay out of the dye for 30 minutes for the color to fully devellop before it is ready to go back into the dye for 30 minutes.

Deep blue is acheived after 10 dips in the dye (a total time of 10 hours).

The fabric is then dipped into boiling water, the Wax melts and detach from the fabric. The white design (protected by the wax) then appears. The different parts of cloth are not ready to be assembled into an outfit.

pictures below: preparing my pieces of cloth to be dipped into the dye, color changing with oxidation and darkening with the successive dips, removing the wax.

2- Indigo Batik Dying Process