How Do You Feel?


How Do You Feel? 2003

6 pieces of clothing, one suitcase and one notebook.

In 2003 I was invited to participate to an exhibition in Kassel, Germany. The idea was to create a piece of clothing that could be worn. Visitors could try the clothing on and take the outfits home. Participants were asked to send a picture of them-selves dressed in the outfit before passing it on to someone else.

I started work on this project on first day of Spring, all around me was the buzz of the potential war in Iraq.

I created a suit case containing seven folders for the seven days of the week, in them were placed six outfits, Monday: the nun, Tuesday: the burglar, Wednesday: batman, Thursday: KKK, Friday: a Chadri, Saturday: the smiling mask of a white man, Sunday:  « dress as yourself».

Participants were invited to wear a different costume each day and go into the street as usual.

The piece asks viewers and participants alike to think of the history of our outfits, how they shape our perceptions.

A second version of the piece was exhibited in San Francisco, in protest against the war on Iraq. Visitors again were invited to wear the outfits and to write comments in a notebook.